Revamp and Redesign

Every so often I get the urge to create. Lately I've been on a weird blog redesign kick (probably because I spend so much time blogging for my travel and internship blogs) and I was quite bored of the wide-columned, candy-colored layout I had going on here before. I liked it just fine at the time but I felt like it was time to amp up the sophistication just a bit and so the past few hours have been dedicated to revamping the Salt & Sail look to one of clean lines and simplicity. Perfect rainy Sunday pastime, no? (I'm trying to justify having not moved from this couch in the past four hours...).

I want to put my nice new camera to better use on this blog, but seeing as I haven't got much to share about since I literally wear the same outfit every three days and haven't changed up my makeup routine in the past two months I feel slightly uninspired. As I've briefly mentioned before, I brought one traveling backpack and one duffel bag to spend six months abroad. I've been rotating between four pairs of pants, three long sleeve shirts, and two jackets which means every day I feel blah and these clothes are going to be in shreds by the time I get home. Hopefully the springtime will bring some good vibes, cute dresses (I didn't bring many spring/summer clothes with me), and with this new sleek design I will want to blog more to see the page grow again because I've let it sit still for far too long!

What do you think about the new design? Also, any tips on things to blog about while abroad?


  1. love your design, i've been trying to re design, slowly getting there lol x

    1. thanks so much! yeah, it takes a while but it's also so much fun to make everything look how you want it (:

  2. I love your new design, it looks great!


  3. Your blog looks so good, I love the color theme. I really like to design websites too and i am thinking of changing mine soon to a more simple layout.
    Mia PlushLuxe

  4. I didn't see your old design, but the new one is great! love the simplicity :)

    Arianne |


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