Long time no talk! I feel like in the past few months all of my energy was focused on school, then finding a job, and then I had a nice 2 week break to enjoy my job security, and now after week 1 my job has turned into my life. Literally. Free time? Psh. I barely have time to take my heels off and catch some shuteye before I'm on the train again. Hopefully I will be able to move up closer to the city in the next month or so to cut down on the commute; in the meantime, this is my life. That leaves very little room for blogging so sorry if it's looking a bit sparse around here for a bit but I'm sure I will adjust soon enough!

That was a huge stray off from what I intended this post to be. I just wanted to share that I've recently been loving wearing rings and show off my recent finds. Never one to really pile on the accessories, I usually stick to some diamond stud earrings and maybe a long necklace if I remember. However, I felt like my look was always missing something, so I went a little ring crazy at the mall the other day and picked up a bunch from F21 to test out. I'm really loving layering lots of small dainty rings on both hands or going in with a big statement piece offset with one of these adorable midi rings. Wearing rings makes me feel like such a classy lady and makes it seem like I've got my shit together! Okay, maybe not 100% together, but it at least shows my attention to detail, right?

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I'm off to have a little family beach day today (finally - hooray! Not everyone in California lives in beachside mansions where it's sunny 24/7, ya know? Though I wish I did... Sometimes. I probably love @KarlTheFog too much though.) and I thought it would be the perfect occasion to introduce my favorite line of SPF. I have really sensitive skin with lots of dry patches that flare up if I get too much sun and am as pale as a rice cake, which I don't mind most of the time, but I do like getting a bit of color to look a little healthier in the summertime. Insert Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration line here.

First off, I absolutely freaking love the scent of this line - kind of a tropical coconut papaya vibe, totally fending off any gross traditional SPF scents. The regular SPF goes on so smooth and creamy, and I do think it lives up to its moisturization claims. I like using SPF 30 because I can get protection and color, and this smells and feels so good I don't mind reapplying every few hours. The Face SPF is the newest addition to my SPF game and though it goes on a little thicker than I expected, it's not too much of a fuss and gets along way better with my skin than the Neutrogena facial SPF that was the absolute worst. It's sort of tacky which actually acts like a nice primer for my makeup to stick to. And at the end of a long day outdoors I always seem to burn the tops of my shoulders and feet, which is when I bust out the After Sun. It's lightweight but cooling and for some reason feels way better than slapping on some regular lotion - I think it's the tropical scent and mint green color (haha). In any case, if you haven't yet tried the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration line yet this is your cue to do so!

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Hellooo July, and goodbye June! Not sure what's up with this global heat wave going on, but I am seriously missing the San Francisco fog right now as I'm spending the last few days of my "summer" chillin' (more like sweatin') at home before heading back to the city to start my new job next week! Anywho, as I'm soaking up the sun and making the best out of the sweltering weather I finally hopped on the romper bandwagon. Can you believe I never owned one until now?! I'm so freaking pleased with this loose floral romper I picked up on sale at Zara, and love wearing it with my Sam & Libby lace-up sandals from Target. It's my ideal summer outfit that's fun and casual but still put together. Of course to freshen up my still-pasty legs for show I've been loving the EOS Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss. Unlike regular foaming shaving creams, this one is like a lotion and sticks to my skin in the shower without just running off in the water. It's helped me achieve a great close shave and moisturizes so much - it's perfect for me since I hate/always forget to apply lotion afterwards! Summer is also peach season, and I've been obsessed with the peaches at my local fruit stand this month. I could eat about five a day if you left me with a bushel... No joke. I've also rediscovered a hobby of mine which is painting and busted out the acrylics to customize my notebooks and paint a little globe a la Anthropologie (but for a fraction of the price, since I found some mini globes at Marshall's for only $9!). June's been a great month of relaxation but I'm getting a little bored of sitting without anything to do, so I am excited to begin the next chapter of my life this July! What were some of your June favorites?

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Love at first swatch strikes again; this time, barely escaping unrequited status. When I first came across this shade many moons ago there were none in stock aside from the tester in the little Essence display at my local Ulta. Gutted, I thought about purchasing it online many times until I returned to the store a few months later to find that there was one bullet left, and it had to be mine. I'm talking about the Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 09 Wear Berries, a subdued pink-leaning fuchsia shade that is perfect for a summer pop of color. The formula is super creamy and opaque, and lies just between matte and satin. It doesn't leave any noticeable shine or glossiness but also doesn't dry out the lips (and is also a lighter finish than the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks). The lasting time is descent considering it's a soft formula and the color is absolutely gorgeous on. The purple undertone is so different from anything else I own, and I think a subtle fuchsia is a great alternative to the staple summer coral. Not to mention at $2.99 a pop, this is the perfect lipstick to stock up on and chuck in the car, in a purse, in the makeup drawer, and just have on you at all times. I've been toting it around with me everywhere and I've worn it almost every day this week, so I will be sure to get a backup the next time I come across it! I'm also excited to try other colors from this range - Essence is fast becoming one of my favorite drugstore brands, it hasn't disappointed yet!

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I'm so excited to be bringing you a collaboration post on my blog today! I was very excited to be contacted by the wonderful Rachel from Rachel Shuchat Makeup, whose blog I read religiously (seriously, major blogcrush on her beautiful makeup shots - I wish I could take pictures of my face/makeup that looked that good!!), about doing a joint post. We decided it would be lots of fun to do something summer themed and take a peek into each other's summer makeup bags, so here we are today showing you our summer must-haves! Check out Rachel's post here! She seriously has the most amazing eye looks and explains everything so thoroughly I feel like I'm learning tips and tricks from a pro/friend every time I scroll through her blog for some inspiration. I could sit here and rave forever but you just need to go check it out yourself; in the meantime, let me get on with what's in my summer makeup bag.

THE BASE. For a light and dewey summer glow I start by livening up my face with my trusty Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer in the Brighter shade (the under eye bags are SO REAL... probably since I've been bingeing OITNB). Lightweight and creamy, it blends in like a dream and avoids the caked up look that comes from thicker consistency concealers. On top I just like to blend some Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum because it evens out my skin tone without being heavy. I picked this up last summer whilst in London since we can't get Bourjois in the States, but I may need to make a desperate ASOS or FeelUnique order to get my hands on a backup ASAP!

THEM APPLES. By which I mean apples of the cheeks (of course). Depending on the look I go for (usually determined by lip color) I switch it up between a very natural baby pink using Benefit Dandelion, which I just hit pan on BTW - don't know if I'm more excited or devastated, for bold lip days or the brighter and more coral Essence Silky Touch Blush in Life's a Cherry when I opt for a nude. Contour/highlight is achieved using my usual products from the Sleek Face Form in Light. The highlight shade, especially, gets lots of use in the warmer months!

THE EYES. Not a day that I've worn makeup has gone by without my pulling this out to use; the Urban Decay Naked palette is every girl's dream, and I just can't get enough. I love how I can create very light looks using colors like Sin or Half Baked, or really go in for the bronzed eye with Smog or a pinkier Toasted. Eyeshadow is great, but what I really love about eye makeup is curling my lashes and coating them with mascara. This beautiful rose gold curler from Tweezerman has made curling my lashes so much easier, and it really opens my eyes making me look instantly more awake. I strayed away from my usual CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume when restocking a few weeks ago to give the Clump Crusher a try, and though it does a fine job I will definitely be going back to LBV as soon as this tube is empty. However, waterproof mascara is always a must for me, especially in the summer months!

THE LIPS. I've realized I'm not one for really bold, in-your-face colors no matter how pretty the bright punchy corals look in the tube. Instead, an adventurous summer color for me is the Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 09 Wear Berries, which has become my recent obsession. I love the purple-fuchsia undertones in this pink lipstick, but it doesn't go too overboard with the brightness so I can wear it more comfortably on an everyday basis. If I'm feeling less inclined to wear something that stands out I like to opt for a light gloss, and the NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee is a great summer staple for a lush, effortless lip that feels extra moisturizing but doesn't slide off (great product for those prone to sunburn on the lips... aka me).

Welp, there you have my no-fuss everyday summer makeup bag that covers all the bases to give a light, effortlessly put together look! Again, thanks so much to Rachel for collaborating with me, and check out her blog here for more inspiration!! x

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Do y'all have those makeup products that you always ooh and ahh at but never actually bite the bullet and buy? I've had a running list for a while now but just never seem to get around to adding any of them to my collection - they're too expensive, or I already have enough of whatever product it is... there's always something. But I always think to myself, someday! I finally caved and treated myself to the Urban Decay Naked Palette as a graduation you're-a-real-person-now-get-your-shit-together reward slash confidence booster recently so my bank account's gotta rest for a little while, but one of these days I hope my dream makeup collection will include these lovely items!

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville. I've heard Zoella rave about this for so, so long that I just need to try it out for myself. It looks absolutely gorgeous in all of the reviews I've seen/read, and it's a true cult favorite. Swatched in store, Deauville seems like the perfect match for my skin and I want to get that flawless dewy finish!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Fearless. I received a sample of this blush when I ordered the Airbrush foundation and fell in love. It's an awesome bright pink shade that's still super wearable and extremely long-lasting.

Daniel Sandler Watercolor Blush in Cherub. As always, Essie Button is the ultimate enabler. After hearing about the custom color he mixed for her I've been after one of these watercolor blushes from the regular range (though I think I can only buy one online through Feel Unique since they don't seem to carry Daniel Sandler anywhere in the States). The texture seems so light and effortless, and I also just love the name and color of Cherub.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. Ugh this has been at the top of my list for aaages, I just can't justify buying a highlight when I never used to wear it. The lust for this golden glow is so real. I've been getting more into wearing the one from the Sleek contour palette lately, so perhaps this will be joining the highlighter fam soon!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. Is there such thing as too gorgeous of a product? I think not. But the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is one of the closest things to perfection I've ever set eyes on. I just want to take a huge fluffy brush and dust these beautiful powders all over my face!

Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette. I know I just bought the UD Naked Palette, but it took me a while to decide on that one over this beautiful collection of matte neutrals and purples. The shades in this would compliment my hazel eyes so well, and the matte texture is absolute gold! Seriously, one of these days...

What's on your "Someday" list?

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Summer is finally here! To go along with my floral shorts, flowy tanks, and strappy sandals, I love changing up my everyday scent for the season. One of my tried and true summertime scents is Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms. This is actually the first "real" perfume I owned, and smelling it brings back memories of fending off the sticky humidity in Japan by eating shaved ice and soft serve. It's a super fruity fragrance with strong notes of passionfruit and honeysuckle with a slight muskiness to throw off any overt sweetness. I love the pink and blue bottle with the adorable boho-vibe print - even the packaging embodies the fun, brightness of the scent. A little spritz of this instantly brightens up my mood and it always makes me feel summertime appropriate when heading out the door! I've heard tons of people rave about Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess as their summer scent, but this is definitely my go-to. Do you have a summer must-have perfume?