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Photo from EJ Style

In recent months I've been reevaluating my wardrobe, big time.

Color scares me and I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I'm just never going to wear dresses on a regular basis (it's jeans and t's all day err'day around here, folks). I used to buy some cheap bits like plaid skirts and tea dresses to try and mix it up, but they just always end up at the back of the dresser drawer and for the past few years my everyday uniform has turned into black skinny jeans, gray sweaters, and ankle boots. 

Not to say that there's anything wrong with that at all, but I was getting a bit bored. Partly due to the fact that I wore the same black jeans every single day; partly due to the fact that I kept thinking I needed to wear more interesting clothes and was frustrated that I didn't have anything I actually wanted to wear.

Over the past few months I've really been trying to hone in on my "personal style" outside of this idea of being stuck to a "uniform" and figuring out a way to own the staple basics look without feeling quite so bland. I've scoured Pinterest and Instagram for hours on end looking for inspiration, and have discovered three ladies who have become my go-to for style inspo on the daily. 

Photo from EJ Style

The most recent of my girl style crushes, Emma's Instagram has become my daily go-to for outfit envy. Her outfits are a mix-and-match of t-shirts or button-downs, cropped straight leg or skinny jeans, blazers or leather jackets, and footwear ranging from sneakers to heels to espadrilles and a dress here and there in between. She finds versatile pieces that rotate out in different combinations, and in comparing her individual items to my own I've found that I can replicate a lot of her outfits with what I already have. I just added a few more pairs of non-skinny blue jeans and it's breathed new life into my outfit variety. I'm also obsessed with the fact that she has 5 dogs and her husband wears the most ridiculous clothing combinations (think: multicolored striped top with tropical print shorts and statement socks) and she just rolls with it looking stylish as all hell.

Photo from Arielle

I first discovered Arielle when I chopped my hair short about a year and a half ago, and she's still the photo I bring in to my hairdresser every single time I get a trim. I love her messy, laid back style and am awed with how she can still make everyday look sexy. She's usually in jeans and a tee with converse or black boots, a leather jacket, and pulling some incredible faces while lip synching on Snapchat. Also she's a fan of overalls, so that's always a win in my book.

Photo from Anine's World

There's a series of photos for Anine's clothing line in which she and Arielle are literally twins. So, no wonder I caught onto her fast. Anine is a former model and owns her own line so obviously knows her shit. Her style's a little more of a mature take than the other two, but I like looking to her for workwear inspiration. Since my industry is very lax on dress code I can totally get away with ripped jeans and sneakers at work, but also love bringing in some of Anine's sophistication like tailored cuts on top or heels for the office. 

As you can see, all of these ladies sort of run the same course in terms of simple, laid back style but still looking put together and very stylish. They continue to show that basic isn't boring, and I'm slowly picking up on how to work with styling up simple pieces in a way that's both stylish and fun for everyday dress!

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