Five Good Things

Hellooo to the long weekend and some solid sunshine! It's amazing how much warmer it gets when you head just an hour out of San Francisco. Makes me seriously question why I've been suffering through the temps in the sixties lately.

01. I hadn't really spent much time coming back to my parent's house since moving to the city last November, but I've been able to come down a few times in the past month and am now spending Fourth of July weekend here. It feels good to get some quality parent time in, even though it means putting up with the reality that my mom has completely converted my room into her quilting studio and my dad has an endless supply of pent-up dad jokes he unleashes when I'm home... The world-class BBQ makes up for it though.

02. As much as I enjoy work (most of the time), and pitching is always an interesting and rewarding process, the news that I'm off the hook for the weekend and the Tuesday after the Fourth takes so much pressure off! I can sip my weekend wine in peace.

03. I laid outside on a blanket and finally started Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch todayVitamin D + a new book + sunshine = the makings of a happy camper. Minus the camping.

04. Worth the wait... and the splurge? After many harrowed attempts I finally got my little paws on the overalls of my dreams! A little pricey, but so, so excited to start styling these babies!

05. Ummm, can we talk about Logic's new mixtape?
How are y'all spending the Fourth?

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