Sundays in San Francisco

Hello, hey there, it's been a while. That's usually how these comeback posts go, isn't it? I swear I can't keep anything up super long term, but I do keep coming back to blogging. I wish I would keep up with it more but combined with crazy long work weeks, relocating into a room with zero natural light, and trying to finally finish Season 4 of Orange is the New Black (hah! I'm almost there!!), the time and dedication I wish I could put into blogging is just not there.

I've been trying new makeup bits here and there, but that's not really what I want to write about, I guess. Lately I've been loving trying out new styles of clothes/shoes (super inspired by my recent trip to Berlin), digging deeper into my graphic design, and truly falling in love with San Francisco. San Francisco – now that's a topic I'm happy to discuss! This city is small, but mighty. Filled to the brim so many hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems... I mean come on, just look at those tastefully painted Victorians in NoPa and tell me it isn't your dream to live in one of them. The coffee is strong, and very, very competitive in its culture (you do not want to get caught in a battle over Ritual v. Four Barrel); the hills are steep, but climb the right one and you may catch a glimpse of City Hall's majestic dome, or Karl the Fog rolling in through the Sunset; the food is pricy but so worth the wait, and yeah, it may be a little overrated, but a weekend spent at the Marina in a sweatshirt in the middle of July is just the way we like it. See? I could probably write about how much I love the city all the time. Would you all mind if I gushed about San Francisco forever?

I think I was so caught up in the idea of preserving some weird ideal of a beauty blog; however, that's never going to be the real focus because I don't dedicate enough time to beauty, period. What I do want to do is to break away from that and start blogging again for myself. This is, at its core, a platform to be creative and that means posting all of the pictures and words that I want, to explore interests of my own that others may stumble upon and share as well.

So. That was overly dramatic and probably poorly written (don't judge me, I just woke up from a nap). But maybe posting this will get me back into Salt & Sail a little smidge at a time. These are my thoughts from this Sunday in San Francisco.

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