LORAC Color Source Buildable Blush - Chroma

Do you ever walk into a store and feel an inexplicable pull toward some random thing and know that you're going to end up buying whatever it is? While my wallet may not like this sixth sense, I'm pretty impressed by my skills.

A few weeks ago I took an (unfortunately) unimpressed swoop through my new Ulta, which was a let down because I was so excited to have finally found a local one after moving back in November. However, despite my dejection, right before heading out I did an unintentional little double-take at the far corner that was filled with LORAC's newest releases. The pretty little faces on this beautiful gunmetal packaging drew me in and I tried to walk away but couldn't resist swatching their new Color Source Buildable Blush in this shade called Chroma. LORAC calls it a "berry matte" shade; I'd say it leans a little more orchid/lavender than berry but it's definitely a color unique to what I've realized is in my collection abundant in much peachier shades. In that moment I envisioned myself prancing through meadows (or, more realistically, stomping downtown on my way to work) on a crisp spring morning and looking freshly flushed wearing this blush. Aaaaand, sold! Thanks to my imagination and some great packaging.

Upon swatching I found the formula to be very soft and very pigmented. I just need to tap my brush very lightly when applying, and buffing it in makes it all the more melt-into-the-skin beautiful. This color immediately brightens up my face and gives off this healthy, happy glow even though it's a matte formula. Though only I can probably tell, I love the subtle difference this blue-toned shade brings to my everyday routine. Now I'm even more curious to see what the true purple shades from this collection would look like... but I may have to wait until after pay day to go take another peek at Ulta. We all know how those trips end up *insert flying money emoji here $$$*. For now, Chroma is my go-to spring fling and I'm positive it will be on heavy rotation well into the year!

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