Starting 2017

Hey, it's been a while. Let's just jump right into things. Last year I tried to cut back on unnecessary spending (aka makeup and fun things – but perhaps the only positive in this list), moved into a room that was windowless and uninspiring (I now realize I feed a lot of my energy through my environment), and generally stressed myself out over work, projects, and stupidly impossible attempts at getting rid of a slight muffin top in four days or less (there is no miracle cure). All of these things pushed my personal creativity out the window. And I one-hundred percent forgot I have a blog. 

Now, I never have been and likely never will be an extremely committed, dedicated blogger. However, I do need to tap back into writing, photos, anything to whir my creativity up again to keep myself accountable for living a life that celebrates the small, from a new lipstick to rediscovering a platform for sappy self-reflection.

This is all a long, rambling intro into my 2017 goals. I have one word that sums it up: mindful.

I want to be more mindful in all that I do. I want to take care of my body, so have started incorporating different exercises hoping that I can stick to some activity and still put off joining a gym (because I really never want to have to do that). I want to take care of my relationships, so am going to try to train the social anxiety out of my system and commit to spending more quality time with friends. I've discovered that I'm inspired by certain bloggers and their journey helps my journey. Like purchasing cookbooks to help guide me in diversifying my diet, cutting out more pasta (my ultimate go-to lazy meal) and being more conscious about trying new foods. I bought and cooked fennel last week. I'd never even noticed fennel in the grocery store before then!

So instead of making a long list of goals that my mundane lifestyle would not support ("get six-pack abs," "make new friends out of the blue," etc.), I am hoping that consciously being more mindful will allow these things to occur naturally. It's a lifestyle change that I'm seeing results from already, and I hope will truly encompass the upcoming year.

And, hey, maybe this will even get me off my butt and take some pictures of the ungodly Sephora haul I indulged myself in last month... We'll see (;

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