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So it seems as though this little space of mine has been treated as if the back corner of a tiny little closet where I keep my thoughts and photos stored away, only to see the light of day and some much-needed fresh air when I exhaust all other options to occupy myself and I find myself sat in front of the machine anxiously clicking through the tabs in my bookmarks bar to alleviate the boredom. But then I open up a blank page and fill in the post title with all good intents to write up some beautiful content despite my rusty edge and reflect upon all of the things that have prevented me from adding to this miserable attempt at a blog. And then I ramble and reflect.

Well, this time is no different I suppose. After galavanting across Europe for 7 whole weeks with my possessions teetering on my back after a whirlwind semester of dreams and cappuccinos in Rome I came home to the suburbs of California to soak up the sunshine catch up on six months worth of HGTV marathons and eat as much rice as my stomach would permit. I could blame jet lag and exhaustion from the adrenaline-filled adventuring I was up to for my semi-hibernation, but that all soon wore off (quicker than I wanted to admit to myself) and I found myself in a little pit of boredom as my friends we off interning in various cities across the state and I was boring a hole into my claimed corner of the couch. I've seen multiple days go by where I don't even get out of my pajamas and all I do is switch from watching TV on my laptop to shows on the living room screen, and as much as I enjoy the lack of necessity to be socially presentable and the occasional sloth day, I am truly a girl driven by projects and creativity and I feel like I'm in a slump. My first project upon arriving home was sorting through the pounds of things I brought home and the things I decided I could do without after spending half the year wearing the same three t-shirts. Then it was moving my furniture into my new apartment for school, where I have yet to physically transfer to because, let's be honest, why would I want to do that when I can still enjoy mama's home cooked meals? I've even sorted through the thousands of photos from all of the wonderful cities I was in and sent multiple texts filled with crying emojis to my friends reliving all of the memories. Now what?

I have about five more weeks to myself before school begins again, and I am prepared for a rough transition into the academic year since my semester abroad was hardly challenging (mm, forse ad eccezione della classe italiana). I am, however, excited to get back into a routine and see my friends, make some new ones, adventure with my new roommate who I actually met while in Rome and love to pieces. Until then, we'll see what happens. I've started a little dialogue here to get my own thoughts out on whether or not I can commit to blogging again (which I doubt will ever become a regular thing, but a fun escape when I need it). Hopefully I'll be motivated to post more things like the art projects I've been working on and some little bits of makeup or fashion that have really been inspiring me lately. I've always felt a bit confined to wanting to be a beauty blog, but not knowing the A-Z of beauty, or a fashion blog but spending most days in an oversized t-shirt and jeans... I watched Lily Melrose's video whilst falling asleep last night and I really appreciated her honesty and thoughts which made me realize that I want to continue to write and photograph and have an outlet for discussion and reflection if not by myself, in a community that I can curate that shares my visions and interests and that's led me back to my trusty little space on the internet. A lull in the activity and a break from hectic life is always good, but I'm ready to set sail on another chapter of my life and rediscover some of my favorite creative outlets!

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  1. Oh wow. It sounds like you had an amazing time! I've always wanted to travel xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie


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