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Excuses, excuses right? I always seem to fall into this dark hole of academics once the semester gets chugging and neglect to do fun things like go shopping in the city or even spend a little time with my camera to blog. In all honesty I was expecting this to happen but I looked back through some of my posts and realized how much I miss tinkering with my camera (which has gone untouched for MONTHS. Crazy how I used to carry it around religiously last semester. But then again I was in Rome.) and writing little tidbits about the things I love.

This semester has really thrown everything my way though. I don't know if it's repercussions of having spent too much time having fun last semester, but I've been assigned six 500+ page books for one class, a semester-long research paper, not to mention the regular toil and trouble of weekly reading and a sprinkling of essays. On top of that I've spent the last four weekends cooped up for colds, food poisoning, accidents involving glass and a lacerated nerve in my hand, and midterm papers galore. I've been trying to find time to have fun here and there but seeing as this is my second-to-last stretch of college I've really been focusing on getting good grades and staying on top of my academic game. I am a self-proclaimed life compartamentalizer, so I can only focus on one thing at a time. Since I'm at school, my main priority is schoolwork and everything else (including social life) kind of gets pushed aside. I just can't seem to make writing my papers and writing blog posts work, I just feel guilty for not getting cracking on that biography of Herb Caen due this coming week! But then I've also realized that it's not fair to myself to not make time for things I enjoy. Today I felt like catching up on my blog since I posed zero times in October, so that's what I'm here to do. It's become a sort of a personal ramble but it's always good to take a minute to breathe and reflect.

So I'm spending my Sunday morning listening to the Autumn Jazz radio station on Pandora with a nice cup of tea, maybe I'll do a little beauty blog post today and see if anything else inspires me this week. Come Thursday my four papers for the week will be a thing of the past, and I can finally find time to primp myself up a little bit and enjoy walking through the autumn air. The changing seasons really affect my mood, and I'm feeling good about the upcoming months. What is autumn going to bring my way?

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  1. I'm not sure if the comment I just went to post was deleted so apologies if this appears twice but just wanted to let you know, you're not on your own! I took about 9 weeks off from blogging from a mix of working all the time, being ill and porting my blog over from blogger to squarespace which meant I had to design my new site from scratch. However, a break can also mean that you feel recharged when you do eventually get back to blogging more frequently and you'll have a lot of fun taking pictures of the new wintery season :) get your uni work done and out of the way and then head down to your favourite coffee shop and order the biggest hot chocolate they have. :)

    Kate x


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