Keratin Hair Treatment

The minimal work I put into my hair routine is really quite problematic. I've tried a few masks and oils from the drugstore before but never really saw a difference in smoothing my thick, hard hair (and boy is there a lot of it). I thought I'd turn to Asian products in hopes of finding something formulated more specifically for my hair type and found this Keratin Intensive Treatment from The Face Shop, a popular Korean skin, hair, and makeup brand.

This promises damage care and split end treatment using phytokeratin, aloe, silk protein, and phospholipid complex. It's a soft-smelling thick cream formula, yet smooth in texture and sticks to my hair really well. I apply it liberally on the bottom 2/3 of my hair after shampoo and tie it up in a topknot while scrubbing up so it has some time to work its magic and rinse it out at the end. The first time I used it my hair felt noticeably softer even as I was towel-drying, and every subsequent use (about once a week) has really helped my hair feel healthier and less static, even helping it blow dry smoother and faster. I may have become a bit of a haircare convert thanks to this, and I'm curious to see what else The Face Shop has to offer. If anyone is suffering from dry, thick hair I would definitely recommend they check this range out!

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  1. I don't have this problem, rather the opposite which is why I tend to be lazy with haircare. I always find products leave my hairs too oily.



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