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If you've ever been to Rome you know how crazy crowded Via del Corso (the main shopping street) is, and if you've walked by the KIKO store you definitely know the chaos that ensues inside that tiny storefront. Via del Corso was a regular stop for me while I lived in Rome and it took me a while to muster up the confidence to elbow my way inside... but once I discovered the variety, quality, and affordability of KIKO cosmetics I realized what all of the craze was about. KIKO has been popping up on a lot of blogs and YouTube channels lately and I'm hoping this exposure will help them expand further into the global market and come to the West Coast soon!

Anyway, today I'm here to tell you about the wonderful goodness that is the KIKO Infinity+ eyeshadow. Man oh man these are buttery smooth to the touch, glossy and shimmery (in a non-offensive way), and the color selection is gorgeous. I picked up five everyday colors to bring home with me and these are regulars in my day-to-day school makeup and travel bag too. My favorite is probably the purple shade, because it's way more wearable than I imagined and makes my hazel eyes pop! While I can combine the shades for different looks, I find that each can be worn on its own with just a bit of mascara to add enough emphasis around the eye, so these shadows are super versatile and a great investment at just €4.90 / £5.90 a piece (and usually they're on sale!). The only warning is that they're so soft an accidental wrong move (aka accidentally stabbing it with your finger... whoops) will cause it to dent/crumble away, but I'm not too mad about it. What KIKO products do you love?

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202 / 219 / 212 / 241 / 243 

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  1. These sound absolutely gorgeous! I wish we had Kiko over here; they have an amazing range of products and are so affordable! They get so many raves too.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I discovered Kiko while I was in Rome last year and loved it. I had bought a couple of products to try and they're good. I loved their eyeshadows. Everything is super affordable. Going to London soon and I already spotted their store on google maps and can't wait to get there!


  3. Ahh I totally saw the KIKO store in London but didn't get a chance to go in -- it looked bigger than the one in Rome though, so that's super exciting haha I hope you get lots of goodies! (:


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