Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac

Some morning you just can't bring yourself to get dolled up (aka the "I'm totally going to go work out after class" look, sports hairband and all, when I am actually just too lazy to shower and will eat half a bag of Trader Joe's tater tots instead of going on that run when I get home...). Today was was one those mornings with an 8 a.m. midterm halfway across town, but to make up for that I decided to take a little part of the afternoon to treat myself to a much-needed manicure. With the crispy breeze and hint of warm weather I was feeling Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac to get a head start on spring pastels with this cool-toned lilac shade. I forget how good the Sally Hansen formulas are, but they are really remarkable considering I got this for under $3 at my local drugstore. It's a thicker consistency which gives a bit of a gel-like feel. Lacey Lilac applied a little streaky on the first coat (weird for a thick formula), but the second coat smoothed everything out and I'm loving this as a slightly lighter alternative to my old bottle of OPI Do You Lilac It? -- especially at a third of the price!

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