I'm a sucker for Floral, Polka Dot, and Gold

Looks like someone got a little bit excited in the accessory department this afternoon. Funny, because I usually don't gravitate towards the jewelry wall because I don't think I'll find cute things and in all honesty I oftentimes just ditch the accessories and run out the door to make it to wherever I have to be on time. Today was a little bit different, though, because I couldn't find any clothing pieces I really want need and decided to see what else these stores had to offer.

I sometimes go to Zara just to see what's in trend right now, knowing that I can't really afford anything there on my measly little budget. However, I walked in today and there was an enormous sale going on! All I could see were red signs everywhere and I was immediately drawn to the front display of assorted colors and patterns of scarves. I thumbed through the sparse selection and drew this beauty out... How perfect is this!? It's black and white, striped, polka dot, and floral. IT'S BASICALLY ME IN A SCARF. Seriously!! I was just thinking about how I don't have that many scarves that I like/wear regularly, so this was like a little sign from the heavens that it was meant to be. It was on sale from $25.90 (yikes, I'd never pay that much...) to $14.99 which is roughly how much H&M scarves cost which justified the price for me. I am so, so, so excited to wear this with a white tee and some skinny jeans or my black dress with a denim jacket with some gold accessories. It's probably one of my favorite finds within the last couple of months.

I also uncharacteristically went on stroll through the glitzy stands in the huge three-story Forever 21 after failing to find one piece of clothing that a. I liked and b. fit me. I still can't believe the amazing finds I discovered! I guess sometimes it pays off to be a little adventurous, eh?

The first thing that caught my eye was this simple V necklace. I've been wearing my UO Ciao Bella necklace nonstop and wanted some more delicate gold jewelry to mix it up a bit. This is a really modern design and I like how it plays off of looking like one continuous piece. I also decided that it would look awesome if layered with the gold Cutout Chevron necklace... But I also had my heart taken by the silver one because it kind of gives the same feel as the gorgeous silver Brandy Melville necklace Sammi from BeautyCrush wore in her May Lookbook video... So I decided to get both. -Shrug- At $3.80 a pop, why not? Also while perusing through the necklaces, a glittering piece of chunky golden goodness was staring at me from the bottom of one of the rotating stands... Hello! I have been on the hunt for a chain toggle bracelet for absolute aaaages and look what popped into my life at under $5. Score! As all bracelets usually are (which is why I rarely buy/wear them) it's a bit large on my wrist, though I couldn't really tell with the packaging on at the store, but it's bearable and I'm really excited to style this as my arm candy with some high waisted shorts and a black crop top or just to glitz up my regular wardrobe. While I was on this amazing find streak, I also couldn't help but grab this set of faceted stackable rings. I have gold stud-like rings already, so the silver is a nice addition but what really got me is these geometric rings that remind me of bolts. As you can see, I like the mix of "hard" materials like chains and bolts with gold to make them a little more feminine and elegant.

All in all, I'd say today was a good day and I'm all stocked up to start accessorizing more (being a working girl and all) and I am super stoked about all of the amazing pieces I got!

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