No Way... a No Buy?!

Let's just get this out straight from the get go - if I have some cash in my purse at any time, I am most likely going to spend it. I've never been a saver even though I oh-so-wish I was. I'm the girl who talks herself into spending a little more on knick knacks because she is convinced she won't spend that amount of money the next week... but it's like an ongoing problem of borrowing from my future self that has frankly not worked out for past, present, or future me.

After falling deep, deep into the hole of watching YouTube beauty and haul videos my obsession with cheap little purchases has skyrocketed. "I'm bored and have 30 minutes to kill, I'll just swing by Walgreens to see what's new before class," and "Oh, I saw a beauty guru talk about that new product!" are frequent thoughts that cross my mind while I wander around drugstore beauty aisles... But I realized that I always talk myself out of high-end things but am a sucker for anything under $10 at CVS... But I always end up spending upwards of $20 whenever I get sucked in. Honestly, maybe it's time to save up and invest in what I really want and not just what catches my eye? Novel idea, no? (I kid, I kid, I know I'm a ridiculous shopaholic and I just need help...)

My solution for this is a 3-month no-buy. I convinced myself that I should stop falling for drugstore prices and wasting all of my money away when I could really get what I want at Sephora with the money I save! This means no lipstick, no blush, no nail polish... No more things that I just want and think are a good deal. Though I must say my friends are bad influences and entice me to buy things, and I have broken my no-buy twice thus far (I have the patience and self-control of a 5-year-old) that just knocks me down that amount in what I will buy myself at the end of the summer. To keep myself honest and on track, here's my wishlist of high-end products I've got my eye on once this no-buy is over... Perhaps bad Natalie will extend this no-buy for another month for breaking it. Which also gives me more time to research what I really, really want... and who doesn't love ogling at pretty things on the internet? Hehe.

1. NARS The Happening Palette ($60, 5-7 items at the drugstore)
I really wanted to try the Rimmel Kate Moss 09 lipstick. Bye bye, palette.
2. Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume ($69,  6-9 items at the drugstore)
Since I wanted Essie Fiji, perfume will have to wait.
3. MAC Eyeshadow - Sable ($15, 2-3 items at the drugstore)
4. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($15,  2-3 items at the drugstore)

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