Fashion Essentials for the Every (Day) Girl

I came across this list of Fashion Essentials for the Everygirl through Pinterest, and seeing as I'm a regular ole every day girl (not an avid Everygirl reader, but every day is pretty normal for me), decided to match up my wardrobe with what they recommend be staples in a standard wardrobe. Seeing as I wear mostly basics with a little flair here and there, this list is a big chunk of my shared closet (which only holds so much anyway). Are you stocked up on your fashion essentials?

1. Ballet Flats
I don't know where all of my flats have gone, but since I don't seem to have the collection of them that I once did, I've been rocking my Sam Edelman Adena Loafers - the perfect amount of cute and edgy!

2. Strappy Sandals
Just bought these Montego Bay Club Wyatt sandals for $10 at Payless.

3. Basic Black Pumps
I don't actually own plain black pumps... but my favorite black heel is the Seychelles Witness, and I also recently got nude Steve Madden Unityy pumps to compensate for the lack of black.

4. Running Shoes
I custom designed my own gray/pink/teal NikeID Free Run 5.0 in March, and I've already racked up over 60 miles in them.

5. Striped Tee
A definite must in my wardrobe - I've got a 3/4-sleeve one from H&M. Not available for show online, but a close alternative is here.

6. Cardigan
I love the Uniqlo cardigan selection - lots of pretty colors and so soft and comfy.

7. Tailored Blazer
A blazer is a great staple outerwear that can dress up any casual outfit. My navy blazer is from H&M and has elbow patches!

8. Skinny Jeans
Ever since discovering American Eagle jeggings I haven't worn a single pair of regular jeans. You can usually find them on sale, too, so I never pay full price! The best is to buy them when it's an additional 40% off clearance items.

9. Little Black Dress
My LBD is a bodycon dress form H&M with super flattering panelling up the sides in a different textured material to suck everything in and make my body look fab! It's unavailable online, but they still have a great selection of LBDs

10. A Dress That's Just for Fun
I got this adorable birdy print dress from Target to wear during the warmer months.

11. Tailored Skirt
I had my mama help me pick out a simple black pencil skirt at H&M when I had to introduce business wear into my wardrobe. 

12. Cold-Weather Coat
I love the H&M coat I got for my birthday last year! I don't see many brown coats out there, but it looks great with my boots and the shape is really flattering because it cinches higher than the waist. Also, the toggles are super cute too.

13. Leather Handbag
The closest thing I could find to my favorite hand-me-down from my mama is this Coach Tiny Pixie - mine is just a lighter chestnut color!

14. Clutch
I don't use clutches that often, but prefer wristlets like the simple black one my aunt got me for Christmas a few years ago from Coach. Not currently available, but similar to this!

15. Weekender Bag
The girls in the family all got matching personalized totes from L.L. Bean during our family reunion a few summers ago. I carry mine around all the time because the large bag is the perfect size for my 15" laptop!

16. Sunglasses
Another recent find, the Icon Gloria sunnies I picked up at Nordstrom are classic, kind of like Ray Ban knockoffs. I haven't had a chance to wear them yet, though, because the weather hasn't been all that fun.

17. Understated Jewelry
I always forget to change out my earrings so you'll usually see me with the diamond studs my daddy got me for my 18th birthday. Similar studs available here!

18. Watch
Since I'm a broke college student and can't afford a true Michael Kors, I opted for this cheaper option by Geneva that I found on eBay. It's a really nice rose gold alternative to the authentic - I've even had people ask me if it's real MK!


  1. So many cute items! I especially love that h&m coat! I hope they come out with something similar this year!

    sundays grace

    1. thanks! yeah, i saw the coat in h&m and ran towards it and was like I NEED TO GET THIS! bahaha

  2. I love these strappy sandals! I love wearing basic clothes, thanks for that post xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! (:


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