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Oh my, I can't believe it's that time of the week already! I was planning out some different blog posts but just didn't get around to it and now it's Friday so I've got to compile my list of favorites I've been loving this week. I promise I'll be a better blogger next week! I'll queue something up for the weekend after I'm done with work today (:

First of all, I've gotten a head start on some of my back to school shopping. I was meaning to do a photo post of my back to school wish list but I crossed 2 things off before I even saved my image file (whoops), but I finally replaced my broken CamelBak water bottle! I also decided to decorate it with the free Krass & Co. stickers I was sent in the mail a couple weeks back and now my bottle is obnoxiously bright, but that's the way I like it! The pink/teal also matches my running shoes which makes me a happy camper.

Thing 2 from my wish list were new sandals. Though I've been living in boots because San Francisco doesn't really have a "summer" (I'm still wearing coats and warm socks in the middle of July...), my beloved rose gold LC Lauren Conrad bow sandals are getting a bit worn for recreational use, especially after wearing them to death in Europe last summer. I wanted a black pair to wear with dresses and things, so I was perusing through the Payless website when I stumbled across a great pair for 50% off. I ran to the nearest store after work yesterday and scored these beauts for $10. What a steal!

Also, if you can't tell by my Pinterest board dedicated to how I will attempt to transform my wardrobe in the coming months, Zoe from Zoella is one of my biggest fashion icons. I've been loving checking the Lola and Grace instagram account every day because this week is the Zoella takeover, following Tanya Burr who posted last week! Her fashion sense is sublime, and it gives me more ideas to work off of when I'm shopping around the city (which happens more often than I'd like to admit). Also along the lines of fashion, I've also discovered Eleanor Calder's amazing style. It's a bit more on the simple side, but so trendy yet sophisticated, and ugh I just wish I could look that good and put together all the time. Instead, I've been sporting my brother's hand-me-down Canadian soccer team jersey around the house with a ginormous top knot more often than not.

Lastly, I've really been enjoying watching Marzia on YouTube. Her voice is so adorable, her fashion is awesome, and she really is such a sweetie pie. I love watching her personality come across on camera, and she inspires me to stay happy and not take myself too seriously. Some of my favorite videos are: Draw My Life / Language Challenge / "Dirt" Dessert Fail.

Hope you all had a happy week and enjoy the warmer weather heading your way!

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