Method to my Madness

Lately I've been having a big kick out of re-vamping my wardrobe. I've never really had a specific "style" or category my wardrobe would be classified as (minus those middle school years of all-American Abercrombie and Hollister), though there are always pieces my friends will look at and be like "Oh Nat, you'd totally wear that." Most of it is in reference to my trusty stripes and neutral solids I always gravitate towards. What can I say? I love me some basics. But recently I had a bit of a style identity-crisis, realizing I'm not preppy nor classy nor grungy, but kind of a mix of all three in this weird vortex of a self-proclaimed "style." It's not like I dress badly or anything, I just sort of mix and match in what's comfy and practical. However, since I've entered into my 20s (wow I say it like it wasn't just 6 months ago I was admitted into the club) I want to start wearing pieces that aren't as comfy-casual and more dressy on an everyday basis. That doesn't, though, mean that I can't go back to my well-loved cotton and jersey tops... I'm just looking for things with a little more flair!

Which sort of leads to my point... I took a peek into Zara (actually two Zaras that were within 4 blocks of each other) because they were having a huge sale and didn't expect to like this ridiculous looking top that's basically a huge square sewn up with little sleeves and a cutout for my head. I tried it on, and it actually had the perfect amount of slouch and modern relaxed fit but was still an interesting piece. I wasn't sure if it made me look morbidly obese on top, but it was too comfy to leave behind! But then I got home and threw it on my pile of clothes I had just got in from ASOS and realized I just bought a flowy short sleeve slouchy jersey shirt last week! They are for somewhat different seasons but give  the same effect... I do love them both though, so I think I will be keeping the new one too. I'd love to pair these with long, dangly gold or silver necklaces, or even my chunky gold chain! I guess the black oversized tee is going to become one of my new staples. Whoops.

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