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As I mentioned in my previous post ringing in the new year, I am going to be traveling to Europe this year on a study abroad program, and extending my stay to backpack from Greece to England with my best friend. I wanted to have a fresh space to document the experiences I have traveling without muddling in with the content on here, so I've created a new travel blog. It's called Viaggiarella, as a combination of viaggiare (to travel) and bella (beautiful) in Italian, because un bel viaggio just doesn't sound as fun to say.

I've invested a lot of time perfecting the layout and having the images show up the way I want to (I have taken up quite the HTML/CSS vocabulary), and I cannot wait to have content and beautiful pictures up now that my Canon EOS M has finally arrived! If you're interested, please go take a look (you can check it out here)!

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