Little Goodies

Hooray, I've finally made the official haul into my new school apartment! I must say, it's bittersweet to leave the comforts of home and my family (and lovely old dog) and a balanced diet of homecooked meals once again, but also exciting to be back doing my own thing with an awesome new roommate (though I'm not sure if my usual school diet of oreos, pasta with cheese, and frozen burritos is something to celebrate or lament). Though moving is always a chore, I was excited to be able to redecorate a space of my own and bring in some new little goodies to spruce up the studious life of a full-time college student. Here are a few snaps I took of things that make me happy as I experimented with my camera settings and my new awesome natural light. What miscellaneous things have you been loving keeping around lately?

1. Ikea SKURAR Pot + Assorted Lippies


  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the SKURAR pot. It must be so exciting moving out of home! x

    The Sunday Chapter

  2. Lovely inspiration, especially beacuse I have to move, too! I'm a college student as well, so I'm happy to know that someone is in my same situation, I understand you!

    Mina ♥ My fashion blog: The Style Fever

  3. Ooooh what a bunch of lovely pictures - I love that fawn plate!

    Tania |

  4. That fawn plate is the absolute cutest, it's just so lovely x


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