Gray Glitter Nails

I know I've been a bit heavy on the nail posts lately, but I've just been super excited to change it up every few days because I'm finally reunited with my entire nail polish stash that I was without for an entire semester and then some. Also with the changing seasons, nails are the fastest way to incorporate a transitional element. That being said I'm sort of melting in this awkward heat wave we're having, but pay no mind -- the morning fog is still around! I took some inspiration from my morning walk to campus and went for a gray glitter nail combo this time. I used Zoya Dove which is a creamy, warm light gray that's super mod and chic and added this silver and pink glitter coat as an accent on my ring finger. It's by a Korean brand called innisfree, and my old roommate got this for me after she returned from her trip. Since the label is in Korean I can't read what color it is, but the formulation is really great and goes on super smoothly for a glitter. As for the Zoya the dry time is not the best and it can get a little sticky (I had to redo a nail because it got super messed up on accident), but nothing a coat of dry fast Seche Vite can't do to save the day. It's been a while since I've dabbled in glitter but I kind of like it for the (dare I say already...) holiday seasons to come!


  1. Zoya nail polish is the bomb for me. I personally prefer Zoya over DL and O.P.I.:-) Just saying:)
    Love the twist you created on your ring finger.



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