Spring Goals

The ole blog's been lookin' a little dry and the quality of my posts is way down in the dumps this week. I've been knee-deep in the last details of an ad campaign case and came back to my parents' for spring break. It's been a lovely week of eating, shopping, and catching up on sleep but I forgot my camera back at school so I haven't been able to photograph and post as I've wanted to. I read Sophie's Makeup's Spring Goals post today, though, and thought it would be a great end-of-break post to refresh both my mind and my blog for the springtime.

Here are my spring goals!

Eat more balanced meals. I love vegetables, I just need to be more proactive in cooking them.

Exercise (at least) once a week. I utterly failed at the 30 day ab challenge, but I school ends mid-May so bikini season is a-coming!

Bust out those cute heels. I'd feel too dressed up for everyday (especially sitting in a lecture hall) in, but I have some adorable pumps and wedges that would be perfect for the springtime and romping around on a free day.

Spice up my outfits with color. All-black erry'thang ain't gonna cut it for spring.

Stop putting off writing cover letters. There are about 6 weeks left until graduation... Time to get those job apps in ASAP!

Wear bright pink lipstick. I have so many cute lip colors that I talk myself out of wearing on a regular basis because they're more bold than I'm used to but I just need to crack out of that comfort zone and wear what I want.

Save money - go on a spending ban. I've stocked up on spring clothes and maxed out my makeup collection so I'm going on a no-buy for the month of April (with one exception: a graduation dress).

Spend more time outside. I am a homebody and can easily spend all day rolling around, or stick myself in a library for absurd amounts of time, but I really want to sit outside and enjoy the crisp air.

Go to more cafes. I love cafes but I've recently fallen into a slump of studying at home because I can wear sweatpants without a care. Time to explore what new gems my neighborhood has to offer!

Spring clean, big time. I'm moving out of my apartment in a few months -- I need to start getting rid of things I don't need now!

Do you have any spring goals?


  1. I need to make a spring goals list for sure! need to start exercising!

  2. It's great to refer back to when feeling tired and uninspired (I like to keep a cute calligraphy version on my desk to look at every morning!)


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