Spring Blushes

It's officially spring, the weather is reaching the 70s and 80s, and my heart is just yearning to wear sweet flushed cheeks and soft shimmery eyes! I recently reorganized my makeup collection and discovered just how much of a blush junkie I am, and today I want to feature four of my absolute favorites for the warmer weather and to match with the season of pretty blooms and cherry blossoms.

The Face Shop Angel Kiss Lip & Cheek (Cutie Angel). For that dewey look we all strive for in spring, go for a cream blush! This one comes in an adorable little pot and is the perfect pure pink color. I love stippling this on to the apples of my cheeks, and sometimes go a little overboard on purpose to really experiment with that healthy flush.

Milani Luminoso. Cult favorite, right? You just can't go wrong with this beautiful shimmery peach shade. No highlighter needed, and any amount will do - it's the perfect no-fuss option for an everyday glow.

NYX Peach. NYX naming baffles me because this is definitely a dolly baby pink (and no hint of peachy shades, especially compared to Luminoso). However, the product itself is amazing. The blush is really soft and well-pigmented (I think I have the most NYX blushes out of any other brand in my collection), and this is my go-to to brighten up my face.

Essence Life's a Cherry. I am so glad I re-purchased this! I bought my first one in Rome (oh, the sentimental memories) but somehow it got lost in the jumble between packing up my Italian apartment, backpacking across Europe, and coming back to California. The pigmentation on this is insane, and it might be my favorite formula out of all of my powder blushes (yep, that beat Benefit Box Blushes too!). The color is an absolutely gorgeous red-toned pink with a hint of tangerine and I am obsessed with this for more of a statement cheek.

What sweet spring blushes are you busting out this season?


  1. I need Luminoso in my life! I've actually just booked a trip to LA for next year, so I'll definitely be picking it up (plus MUCH more) then! The Essence blushes are so great for how cheap they are! I have a browny/mauve shade but always mean to go out and buy more haha :P

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Ahh that's so exciting!! You're gonna have to bring an extra suitcase for all the goodies you should take home! :P
    I seriously forgot how much I loved this color - I wish I had picked up more, but I guess it just calls for another haul sometime!

  3. What a gorgeous blog you have here :). I love the look of Life's a Cherry, it's darker than anything I have in my collection but it's absolutely lovely :).

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  4. Those shades look amazing! I've tried Nyx's Peach and it such a gorgeous pop of color! Love your photography by the way (:

    Truly Yours, Kyle | trulyyourskyle

  5. Confession: I only wear one blush year round (MAC Well Dressed). But I have heard really good things about NYX blushes and the price is right on those, so I might check out the inaccurately-named Peach!

    Gina -
    On the Daily Express

  6. Can't blame you, that's a gorgeous color! Haha I swear it's good enough to look past that little mishap :P

  7. Ahh thank you so much, that's the nicest compliment! (:

  8. Thank you, love! Yeah it's the brightest blush I own but surprisingly wearable!

  9. Haha I have the NYX blush in mocha, it's hot pink. No mocha nothing in it lol


  10. Bahaha, and their Beige lipgloss is definitely pink... Maybe they do this on purpose to confuse us all :P

  11. I'm obsessed with Essence blushes! The formulation is so good for the price :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  12. right?! i wish essence were more widely available, their stuff is all so good!!

  13. Ahhh, love my some spring blush picks! Of the bunch here, I only have ''Luminoso' and ''Life's A Cherry'', but both are amazing! BUT SERIOUSLY, SOME OF NYX'S BLUSH NAMES ARE MISNOMERS. I've got one that's named "Summer Peach" and it's pretty much a pink coral shade. Their "Mocha" blush is a 'mid-tone' pink. COME ON, NYX. But anyways, good thing Essence's blushes don't cost a fortune to replace! Wish they'd come out with more shades though, because the formula is top notch.


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