Lolita Lempicka

Nothing quite tops off an outfit like a spritz of perfume, and though my collection isn't large I've got a nice selection of scents to take me through all seasons and occasions. Lolita Lempicka is my go-to night out scent. First off, the bottle is absolutely gorgeous - a glass deep periwinkle bottle with gold and white accents that really play off the enchanting vibe. Sweet but musky with a dark spice, it has notes including liquorish, violet, ivy leaves, and iris roots, underscored by vanilla and musk. It's a warm scent that really wraps you up in this blanket of muskiness and a little goes a long way. I reminds me of the feeling of warm cider in the winter and midnight blooms in the summer. I think this is the sexiest scent I own and the perfect topper for an edgy all-black outfit (plus leather jacket!) for a night out at some bars. What's your favorite nighttime scent? I'd love to try more.

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  1. I had a sample of this and I really liked it! I didn't realise that that's what the bottle looks like - it's lovely! x

  2. I got this perfume for Christmas and it's so unique! I absolutely love the bottle x

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  3. ooh yeah, the bottle is one of my favorites! (:

  4. i agree, for a while i thought it smelled a little like marc jacobs lola but upon comparison it's not really the same.


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