Links I Love #2

You know the drill. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, pull on your coziest socks, and get ready for a good session of internet browsing à la Salt & Sail express. Rounding out the links I've loved from the end of September 'til now, welcome to a recap of some fantastic recent finds.

I'm usually a save the best for last kinda gal but I really just can't wait to talk about Lily Melrose's Desk Tour video (I've probably watched it at least once a day since she uploaded it). Her decor sense is flawless — I love the cool b/w vibes with whimsical bits like cacti, the wire gazelle, and the mix-and-match prints everywhere. I have also been obsessed with her moving vlogs and have come to the conclusion that I would like to live her life, sans full-time blogging because obvs. I love advertising. Except for the fact that I seriously considered telling my manager about these genius nap-friendly desks because working at the office until 5 a.m. pre-pitch day is not the business.

I've also been ooh-ing and ahh-ing at Cat Coquillette's amazing prints (the LLYMLRS effect is so real) to brighten up my desk at the office seeing as I spend so much time there. These are also a big part of my time spent fantasizing over my still currently non-existent future apartment. At least I've got some inspiration for new blogging backgrounds to keep S&S content fresh while I wait to move into a minimalist winter-white wonderland.

Entertainment-wise I've been completely obsessed with How to Get Away With Murder (pops and I have been hardcore bingeing + our favorite character is Oliver). Though I don't usually keep up with new shows, I did hear something about 'Serial' Podcast being TV-ified and I am very intrigued. In the meantime I'm keeping a to-read book list, and some titles from Smudegness's Teeny Tiny Book Review have recently been added. I adore the way she summed each book up with a quote or a sentence — I'm feeling inspired to write one of these myself!

This is already a monster post, but fitting since it's Halloween season right around the corner eh? I'm not one to go all-out dressing up, but I did really enjoy Peanutizing myself last week. I also resent getting excited about pumpkin everything just because it's October... but really, who could say no to a Pumpkin Pie Mookie? Life's just so much sweeter after coming to terms with the fact that pumpkin spice is October's gift to mankind.

And how very glad am I to live in a world where there are Octobers.

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