Nighttime Skincare Staples

Confession: I am notoriously bad at keeping up a skincare regimen (or anything that requires constant doing, really). However, having returned to the land of fog, being in a more polluted area, and generally starting to feel the winter cold my skin is not very happy. I skipped a few days of my "routine" (or the attempts at making it so) last week and am still feeling #majorregrets, but that must also mean these products are doing their job quite well.

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate had gotten a lot of hype a little while back, but I wasn't too keep on trying it as my skin went through a major crisis trying to establish a balance between too dry and too oily. It's settled on a combination of oily t-zone and dry cheeks/forehead which is just great for all things face-related (insert the biggest eye-roll of life here) so I was a bit hesitant about using an oil, but man oh man is this stuff magical. After one night of using a sample packet I saw radiance in my skin, a smoother surface overall, and not too much excess in the oil department (it's actually a bit on the drier side of oils), completely transforming my life in one use. Now I hate missing a day of using this because my skin just doesn't feel as luxurious and pampered... Not to mention I just adore the little blue bottle and the mini pipette!

Along with the full size night oil purchase I was talked into trying the Ultra Face Cream, which seems to be a Kiehl's cult classic. It's a nice, thick consistency moisturizer that melts into the skin and plumps it up without feeling heavy or greasy. I usually slather this on before bed, but have also relied on it to help prevent major flaking before applying makeup if I'm having an extra dry skin day, and always use some after taking a scalding hot shower (which is generally how I roll because homegirl has zero circulation in her extremities).

While I've still got a good chunk of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate to go through, I'm almost out of the Ultra Face Cream and am keen on trying a new moisturizer out. I've heard things about Antipodes that have peaked my interest, but I'm not sure if there are other good ones I'm missing out on... Any recommendations?

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