Just a Girl and the City

Amidst a few more late night new biz pitches at work, a whirlwind rush to score an apartment in the city, and settling into living on my own again, the past few weeks have turned my life upside down and completely around. I've still got a few loose ends to tie up and some boxes to unpack, but I'm in a good place starting out the life I've dreamed of in the City by the Bay. I've already found a neighborhood cafe and located my nearest bus stops to take me downtown, and those are two of the most important keys to a successful move - right?

My makeup collection is now housed in a dresser drawer and I'm planning to finish styling my "vanity" area with a huge mirror after a Saturday morning roomie trip to IKEA. I'm trying to be budget-friendly and plan out my meals in advance (that means a LOT of eggplant parm next week), and hopefully start blogging again. I've got a few new bits I want to share and a lot more free time on my hands now! Keep your eyes peeled for some new content soon (:

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