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Long time no talk! I feel like in the past few months all of my energy was focused on school, then finding a job, and then I had a nice 2 week break to enjoy my job security, and now after week 1 my job has turned into my life. Literally. Free time? Psh. I barely have time to take my heels off and catch some shuteye before I'm on the train again. Hopefully I will be able to move up closer to the city in the next month or so to cut down on the commute; in the meantime, this is my life. That leaves very little room for blogging so sorry if it's looking a bit sparse around here for a bit but I'm sure I will adjust soon enough!

That was a huge stray off from what I intended this post to be. I just wanted to share that I've recently been loving wearing rings and show off my recent finds. Never one to really pile on the accessories, I usually stick to some diamond stud earrings and maybe a long necklace if I remember. However, I felt like my look was always missing something, so I went a little ring crazy at the mall the other day and picked up a bunch from F21 to test out. I'm really loving layering lots of small dainty rings on both hands or going in with a big statement piece offset with one of these adorable midi rings. Wearing rings makes me feel like such a classy lady and makes it seem like I've got my shit together! Okay, maybe not 100% together, but it at least shows my attention to detail, right?

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