Growing Pains

Long time no chat, my little sailors! It's been a rough few weeks trying to adjust to my sea legs (or more so, adult legs) and the struggle for optimal work-life balance has been too real. It's hard to have time for yourself when your life is going through such a drastic change and you lose a sense of control... But as the original American Idol Kelly Clarkson says, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Preach girl!

I've run into quite a few setbacks that have mounted on the stress and chipped away at my usually happy-go-lucky spirit. A breaking point was probably just what I needed, actually. I had a good cry (or several), stress-cleaned the shit out of my surroundings, and finally realized, "Nat, you need to get back in touch with your creative outlet." So here I am, hello! Glad to be back.

In the midst of all of this dramatic self-reflection I've realized that I'm a creator who's had her hands empty for a while. I'm the happiest when I'm busy but I've sort of been stuck in a rut. Fortunately, my blog is one of those things that I can always come back to, tinker, and improve, which is why you will likely see lots of changes in the coming weeks. I've revamped my layout, am currently working on rebranding, and am super excited to start posting new content, experimenting with photo styles, and even introduce some of my design work among other things that I love and haven't yet shared on Salt & Sail. 

My notebook has been converted into my blogging bible filled with unintelligible sketches and scrawled ideas that will hopefully fuel my reinvigorated interest in creative content. I'm also hoping to reconnect with you lovely bloggers who are always so happy to share about the wonderful things in your lives (and your makeup drawers) — one of the things I've missed most about the blogosphere! So for those of you who are bearing with me as I navigate these murky waters and growing pains of adulthood, thank you, and I believe there's lots of promise and potential in what's to come for Salt & Sail.

Like all things in life, this will surely be part of a buon viaggio!


  1. I love the quote.

  2. Hello Nat!!

    I wonder what's going on because this is not the first post I've read about people taking a step back or aside to see the bigger picture. I was talking to Sophie from Soinspo about it just last night, sharing experiences. I really think we all go through things like this, it's inevitable.

    I'm so glad you're back at it and you're feeling creative as ever - bless notebooks! - I hope this experience has helped you grow the way you deserve it xxx

    Cristina, xo // My Cup of Tea

  3. Welcome back! Very excited to see you filled with brim with new ideas and creativity :) hoping to see more cool things from you girl! Keep it cooool :D

    Cherie/ sinonym


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