Summer-to-Fall Nail Picks

What I lack in variety in wardrobe (thanks, California weather) I make up for in my expansive nail polish collection... Or so I justify what may just be a polish addiction. It's so easy to change up an outfit or spice up your mood with a new color on the fingertips — and it's always the best seasonal accessory to hop on ever-changing trends! Just one coat of a red and I immediately feel cold-weather ready, and once summer rolls around it's back to the neon pinks.

While we're in the midst of a second round heat-wave right now, I'm still starting to covet more fall-appropriate colors. One of my all-time favorite nail shades to wear this time of year is OPI Berlin There Done That. It's the perfect warm, neutral taupe (girl, you know how much I love a good taupe) that looks modern and sophisticated without going too dark.

I also consider OPI Sprung to be the epitome of an autumn shade, as it's iridescent reddy-bronze color reminds me of dewdrops on fallen leaves and fall-time spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. The shimmer comes off a bit like a foil, so it's an awesome pick for someone who likes a little bling (I have it on my toes right now and I'm loving it!!). For a bit more of a subtle look OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes is a beautiful soft, muted, beige-y pink for fall. The best part about this one is the gold reflect running throughout. So subtle, but so, so pretty!

Lastly as we try to hang onto the last bits of warm weather, OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever is the perfect transition shade. It's a step down from a neon summer orange, but still juicy and vibrant in what I consider my true pumpkin shade.

What shades are you pulling out for fall? I would love some more autumn inspiration!

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