The Everyday Smoky Purple

Hazel eyed girls, soft smoky eye fanatics, and ladies afraid of experimenting with color, listen (er, read?) up! I, a die-hard everyday taupe girl, am here to rave about one of my favorite eyeshadow looks of all time — and it's purple.

The NARS Charade eyeshadow duo is one of the unsung heroes of my makeup stash. My everyday eye tends to be some combination of shimmery taupes and matte beiges, but every once in a while I pull this beaut out and scorn myself for not using it more often. Featuring a neutral, brown-toned satin-matte peach and a soft, hazy matte plum, the colors in this duo are just the right bit of contrasted and perfectly complimentary.

To wear this during the day I apply a wash of the peach all over the lid and gently place the plum in the crease and along the lower lash line for a soft, understated smoky eye. At nighttime I amp it up by deepening the crease and adding some definition with a swish of black liner and tons of mascara. The subtle nuances in color really bring attention to my hazel eyes without sacrificing the effortlessness I strive for in my everyday look. It's also a great color combo for anyone looking to experiment with a bit of color but isn't quite sure where to start.

Everyone says to pair hazel with purple, but I never thought I'd embrace this in my own routine. And now I'm happy to report that I'm head over heels for Charade and finally taking baby steps out of my neutral comfort zone. I'm even hoping to invest in more purple-toned products soon (I'm looking at you, Tartelette palette)! Do you have a favorite NARS duo? I may be looking to treat myself after my next paycheck (hint, hint, wink, wink)... (;

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