In lieu of a makeup favorites post I bring to you a list of links I've loved in January! There is so much going around the web all the time I find it difficult to connect with sites and stories, but there are always a few I go back to, or even find necessary to Pin or Tweet... or feature on the ole blog. Welcome to what's been on my mind this month:

  • Kat from With Love From Kat's effortless sophistication has been my current style inspiration (especially for wearing trendy items like some cheeky thigh-high suede boots!).

  • I've been feeling a little Pinterest-y and decided to test my hand at some modern embroidery. My current project is a recreation of Marigold + Mars' "Hell Yes" hoop for my room.

  • I absolutely love this site's design and description of Why Time Flies. It's a fascinating take on something I think about quite often.

  • This is for those who appreciate a little italiano! Not sure why I find this so funny but this article on brand names spelled as they are pronounced in Italian really got me thinking I've got to get back to studying la lingua. I can't help but chuckle at "Scaip" and "UAIRD."

  • And lastly, who doesn't appreciate a healthy serving of Drake on Cake?

It's a mismatched compilation of things, but these really are my standout internet discoveries from the past month! Let me know if you've come across anything interesting lately, I'm always looking to be surprised. (:

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