Vamp & Nude ft. NYX

It's officially February. Scary, isn't it? The first month of the year is already done and gone. Queue spontaneous retail therapy trip to the drugstore to cope with the fact that 2016 is rushing by and I'm starting to feel the stress of the forthcoming seasonal limbo.

I don't remember making a conscious change, but in the new year my tastes seem to be shifting in favor of more minimalistic makeup. Bye bye to full-coverage foundation and hello to a more freckle-faced embrace. Gone are the days when I attempted to "contour my crease" with eyeshadow (whatever the hell I thought that meant), and cheers to single-wash colors on the lids... Though I just can't let go of my shit tons of black mascara.

The thing I love about wearing more subtle makeup is that I can really play up my mood with a bold or bare lip. When I feel like wearing a pretty, classic look I've been enjoying a sweet little swipe of NYX Butter Gloss in Crème Brulee. It's a no-fuss, everyday nude that moisturizes like hell (though a little sticky) and wears well with any look. On the complete opposite spectrum, my recent go-to has become a vampy statement lip. I don't know where this utter obsession came from (especially from a girl who doesn't like to bring attention to herself and cannot be bothered to reapply anything ever), but the NYX Butter Lipstick in Moonlit Night has become a solid staple in my weekly routine. Like, I get excited at night thinking about applying it the next morning. Weird? Obsessive? Hm... whatever. It seriously goes on like a dream – super creamy, opaque, doesn't budge, lasts forever (I mean like 3+ cups of tea and still going strong forever), and when it fades it does so very evenly. My past life dreams of being a badass gothic rebel are being truly fulfilled by this shade and I don't think I ever want to go back.

Anything exciting you from the drugstore lately?

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